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These reports are sold as information only. The contents of these reports were correct at time of publication. It would be a good idea to contact the listed resources for their most recent offerings and prices . . .

THE $50 PER 1000 ADDRESSING PLAN. This is a woman's true story concerning the addressing of envelopes at home in her spare time for $50 per 1,000. Mrs. R. realizing that straight addressing work only produces $8 to $15 per 1,000, decided to work out an original plan and this is how she worked it. While searching for the idea, she noticed that local firms were tying in some of their special offers with birthdays and marriage (in other words, they were mailing their offers to customers or prospects in these two fields). This plan intrigued Mrs. R, and she interviewed one store manager about the subject and learned that an elaborate filing system was necessary in order to mail their special offer to folks having birthdays, or just married or having anniversaries, to say nothing of blessed events. She also learned that this particular store was quite willing to shift the filing and mailing burden onto someone else's shoulders. So here was a ready-made service for Mrs. R. She offered a service to this store and to others in which she would agree to furnish the names of such people, in fact keeping file cards on each name collected, to stuff the firm's envelopes with their circulars and to mail them out. She set a modest price of 5 cents per name, the store furnished envelopes with their circulars, envelopes and stamps for each mailing. Since these mailings were costing 12 cents to 16 cents per mail package, her services and fee seemed most attractive. By specializing in this one field, she could do it at a lower price than the store could do it themselves. Other stores were eager to take advantage of the service and she soon had a growing business.

RICHES FROM YOUR RUBBER STAMP. A good income can be reality for anyone owning a rubber stamp. The only additional items needed are envelopes, postage stamps, and a few commission circulars. The rubber stamp is the only one of the above items you need to pay for. The envelopes, postage stamps and circulars can be obtained FREE. Many small operators are earning a comfortable living as commission mailers. The "tricks of the trade" are rather involved, but I'll give you all the basic information you'll need to start a profitable business. Hundreds of supply houses are constantly looking for people to mail their circulars for them. In most cases, these people will send you all the circulars you need--for FREE. However, they need to know that you are in business or they cannot send circulars to you. Start your commission mailing business by running this short, classified ad in as many ad sheets and magazines as your investment will allow; "COMMISSION CIRCULARS MAILED FREE. MUST PAY ME 50% OR MORE. SEND POSTAGE PAID (Your name and address)." The above ad will bring plenty of free imprint circulars to you. As they come in, insert one of the circulars from each batch into a notebook and list the source of the item and the address--to avoid confusion when filing future orders. While you are waiting for your first package of circulars to arrive, place the following small ad in as many ad sheets as you can afford, offering a big mail for free: "FREE BIG MAIL" RETURN THIS AD WITH A SELF-ADDRESSED, STAMPED ENVELOPE. (Your name and address)". The above ad will bring free stamps and envelopes to you. The people who answer this type of ad are interested in seeing what you have to offer and are usually excellent prospects. In the beginning you will probably mail no more than 100 envelopes per month. As your income grows, you can expand your monthly mailings. Some commission mailers mail thousands of pieces a month.

HOW TO COPYRIGHT A PUBLICATION WITHOUT COST. To establish a copyright you must simply print the following notice either on the cover or page immediately following the cover of your book, report, etc. Here it is :(c) 1981. John Doe, or Copyright 1981, Josh Doe. Most people do not know that you are NOT required to register the copyright with the copyright officer, but if you DO wish to register it, write to them for the necessary application form. You then submit two copies of the publication along with the application form for each copyright. For necessary forms and additional information, write Register of Copyrights, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.20059.

HOW TO PUBLISH A CONTEST BULLETIN. Many people are now entering various contests to reap the benefits their jobs cannot provide them due to our growing inflation problem. These hopeful rationalize that "one day they will win". you can help these individuals discover a whole new world by providing CONTEST BULLETINS. One man in Florida publishes a monthly bulletin and accumulates many friends and large profits through his service. Using an inexpensive mimeograph machine he lists various contests, rules and addresses where entries are to be sent. He gets his information by reading the latest issues of many national magazines. His customers are obtained from ads he runs in local and national media. At 50 cents per copy, it can be said that his business in not only profitable, but successful as well. His present circulation is now in the thousands.

100 WAYS TO SAVE ENERGY AND MONEY IN THE HOME. 100 WAYS TO SAVE ENERGY IN THE HOME is a book published by the Canadian dept of Energy, Mines and Resources. It gives you tips on how you can stretch energy resources and put money in your pocket. This book explains the why's and the how's of conversation and can be read from cover to cover or consulted when specific questions arise. By following the ways to save energy and by adopting conservation practices, you can save MONEY in your home. For a free copy, write to 100 WAYS, Box 3500, Station C, Ottawa, Ontario, CN KIY 4GI.

HOW TO MAIL 1,000 BIG MAILS FREE. Keep advertising. Place at least one ad a day until you are receiving an average of 34 day or 1000 a month. If you will use the following ad, this plan will not be hard to implement as it will bring in lots of orders: HOW TO MAIL 1000 BIG MAILS FREE! COMPLETE PLAN 25 CENTS (YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS). The 25 cents plans weigh only 1/10 of an ounce or less and will go 3rd class for the minimum postage. You can fill the envelopes with another 1& 9/10 oz. (9-1/2 oz sheets (size 8 1/2 x 11 or almost 70- 3x6's) for free ride without paying any additional postage. In other words you can make up a big mail weighing 1 & 9/10 oz. or less and you can mail it out free with the plans you advertise. This "Big Mail" can include imprints that pay you a commission, or you can charge others for imprints that pay you a commission, or you can charge others for mailing their circulars and include them. The main point is that ads selling the 25 cent plans will pull many more orders than just "Big Mails 25 cents". A good dealer will take in $100 a month for ads like these.

HOW AND WHERE TO GET FREE ADVERTISERS GUIDEBOOK. This Guide Book presents in compact form, a comprehensive listing of all standard advertising media, such as: General magazines, trade publications, magazines covering specialized fields, newspapers, radio & TV stations. Circulation, closing dates, display line and classified advertising rates are shown in each magazine group listing. You get your free copy by writing to: MORLOCK ADVERTISING AGENCY, 188 W. RANDOLPH ST.,CHICAGO, IL. 60601.

HOW TO EARN OVER $1500 ON SOMEONE ELSE'S MONEY. Count your family members. Let's assume there are 6 of you. Check up on your bank credit, and let's say you can borrow $6000 for 6 months. On December 15 borrow the $6000 and deposit $1000 (the limit) for each of you in the FAMILY SECURITY FUND TAXPAYERS AID SOCIETY, 107 N. VANCE ST.,PEMBROKE, NC.28372. Details on how the fund works are FREE from the society. Your deposit is secured sight ways. The fund pays 12% for the use of your money from January 1 to May 30 at which time the money is returned to you with &720 interest. At that time you return the money to your bank. Since each member of your family is a first-time depositor in the fund, a bonus in each name of $150 will be left on deposit. Here is how you stand: Cost $6000 borrowed from you bank for 6 months=$270; interest from the fund=$720 NET cash to you=$450;Bonus money left in the fund in your names +$900; interest on bonus money left in the fund, May-December @ 8%, 12% from January-May=$155.98; equals a total gain to you of $1505.98. From January 1 to May 30 of the following year is 17 months. That figures out to be over $88 per month on someone else's money!

STRIKE IT RICH WITH GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE. Did you know you can get the government to pay up to half of your cost of exploring for 35 different minerals (e.g. antimony, chromite, gold, iron ore, mercury, mica, silver and tin)? To get such help you do not have to be an experienced or expert miner, but all you have to do is show ownership, lease, or other sufficient interest in the property to be explored and the funds are not available from private sources. If you strike it rich, you will have to repay Uncle Sam with a 5% royalty on your production; if nothing is produced there is no obligation. For more information, send for the booklet "Exploration Assistance" available free from: OFFICE OF MINERALS EXPLORATION, U.S. DEPT OF INTERIOR, WASHINGTON, DC. 20240.

TEN STEPS THAT PUT YOU IN COMMISSION MAILING BUSINESS. 1)Order a rubber stamp with your name & address on it. 2) Send for some free imprints (commission circulars); you pay the postage for these. 3) Send for some free names that want big mail) 4) Buy 100 envelopes and 100 postage stamps. 5) Address the envelopes to the names wanting big mail. 6) When you receive your circulars, stamp your name and address in the blank space on the commission side of the imprint. 7) Put one circular in each envelope. 8) Mail them. 9) When you receive orders, take out your commission. 10) Forward everything else to the source (the individual or firm) that sent you the circulars--AND YOU ARE IN BUSINESS. If you are serious about commission mailing, you have to take tome to look over each offer you receive. All you need to do is follow the ten steps above. If you can follow instructions, be happy with $60 to $150 a week made in your spare time (from 2--to 4 hours each night and no less than 5 nights a week),then you too can make money mailing. There IS money in mailing--I know for I do it, but believe me, it is not as some advertise it. You will not get rich overnight. You won't make $50.000 and work only one hour each week. NO! It is not that way. You invest what you wish, you grow as big as you wish, but always stuff each envelope FULL.

HOW TO MAKE $50 MAILING 150 ENVELOPES. Order 5000 3x6 commission circulars from your printer selling $1.00 items and paying you 50% commission on every order you receive. Have your name printed on them--it will save hours of stamping time. Then mail 100 each to 50 "Exchange Mailers" in 50 envelopes--mark them X-11-SY, which means "EXCHANGE 100-SEND YOURS." When you receive 100 circulars from each of the exchange mailers in return, mail out one each in 100 envelopes. This way, 150 envelopes mail your 5000 circulars. If you have a good circular offering a popular seller, and the exchange mailer sent yours to are honest and dependable, you should receive 2% returns. This will bring you $50 profit. This is the complete plan. IT WORKS. It is working every day for many mailers. It can work for you.

HOW TO GET FREE PRINTING. This method of getting free printing is currently being used by several different mail dealers. It works! Here's the plan. Run an ad similar to this in any mail order magazine: ATTENTION PRINTERS! WE WILL MAIL OUT FOR YOU ABSOLUTELY FREE. ALL THE CIRCULARS YOU PRINT FOR US THAT HAVE OUR ADS ON BACK. WE HAVE LINED UP OVER 200 MAILERS WHO ARE CAPABLE OF MAILING UP TO +100,000 PIECES PER MONTH. (YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS). You might also mention in the ad that you will pay all shipping charges. There will be a few printers who will respond, but one good printer is all need. After you secure a printer, your next step is to compose a commission circular to be printed on the back. This commission circular should pay whoever mails it 50%, which leaves 50% for you. You might even SELL the commission circulars, say for $12/M and make money "coming and going".


                "Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Mailorder" 

     We want to congratulate you on your participation in one of

mailorders biggest and best promoters--promoting this compendium of special reports. It is one of the hottest sellers to come along in many years and the best -part is that YOU become your own prime source publisher.

All of the special reports contained herein have been selected on the basis of buyer appeal. And while you certainly CAN sell the reports separately, you largest profit may come from selling the entire collection. All of this material is in the public domain--none of it is copyrighted. You can copy it as many times as you want, and sell it for as much as you can get!

There are basically two ways to sell information by mail. 1) by placing advertisements in magazines and newspapers, either classified or space ads; and 2) by renting mailing lists and sending your sales letter to the names on the list.

These reports are the products you sell. They are printed so that the folds do not crease the typeset area and ruin your copy for the printer. We have typeset these reports small for those who wish to sell the sheet as is and make the maximum profit. You can also direct your printer to "enlarge" this type to almost any size and publish it as a book or booklet.

HOW AND WHERE TO ADVERTISE! There have been entire volumes written on mail order selling. For printed information the best way to learn HOW & WHERE to advertise is to go to your newsstand and check through all the magazines carrying large numbers of classified and space ads. Magazines like Popular Science, Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, The National Enquirer, etc. Wherever competitive advertising appears on a regular basis, that's where your best advertising will be. The next step is to write to the magazines (there will be an address in the ad columns) and ask for their MAIL ORDER CLASSIFIED & DISPLAY RATE CARDS. These cards give you all the information you need to place an ad. If you need additional help, you can call them and most will provide free counsel on how to place your ad, whether it be classified or display.

HOW TO WRITE YOUR ADVERTISEMENT! Determine what type of information you intend to sell by mail. Example: Financial information. Then go to the newsstand again and buy every magazine carrying ads selling financial information. Write away for their free offers. Most will run ads inviting you to write for more "free details". Once you begin to get an influx of material, you carefully file away to use as a "model" for developing sales material for your own offer. Yes, mail order IS this simple.

HOW TO GET FREE ADVERTISING! It's possible to get free advertising if your product has an unique appeal of interest to the editor. Some magazines carry a special column of free or editorial ads that if your product deserves special interest, it may be carried at no charge. There are other ways of obtaining free advertising which are detailed in the special reports printed on this pages.

All you really need to get started is to run perhaps a small classified ad selling or all of the reports in this kit. If you wish to go the route of direct mail, you can obtain mailing lists through some of the advertisers in the newsstand magazines. Check the classifieds for "Mailing Lists". Later on you will want to develop your own offers to market by mail. Good luck and best wishes.

HOW TO CO-PUBLISH FOR MAXIMUM PROFITS. There are many fine trade magazines and ad-sheets that you may co-publish in the mailorder business. Some of the better ones are Mail Sale Advertiser., Mail Order Bulletin, Popular Advertiser, The Enterpriser, and Easy Chair Shopper. These trade publications are "in print" quickly--no long waiting for your ad to appear. They reach an amazing number of small homeowners and opportunity seekers. If your product or service appeals to these readers--the rates are right. The prime reasons for using these magazines are : 1) To get a 50% discount on our advertising after the first time in exchange for mailing a few copies; 2) We earn a 50% commission on all new co-publishers and advertisers that we get for the publisher. Of course we hope to do some business from our own adverting also. How does the system work? After you place your advertising at the first time rate, you will receive a discount on all future advertising as long as you continue to co-publish that magazine. That discount on your ads and a commission on the others is usually 50%. In return for the discount, you are expected to mail a few copies--honestly. Include the copies in orders that you will fill, big mails, or advertise them free for the postage. Using these methods your postage cost to mail your copies is zero. Another reason for co-publishing various magazines is that many of them do not require camera-ready copy. Some do an excellent job of typesetting and it's free. Items selling in these publications usually sell for $3 or less--with $1 being a heavy seller. Remember. it doesn't COST you to advertise,it PAYS.

SOURCES OF FREE MAILING LISTS. These sources provide you with free mailing list. Usually in list form, so that you have to re-type each name on your mailing piece. They obtain these names in many different ways. They are usually opportunity seekers, buyers, or people how have paid to be listed. Each source requires a self-addressed envelope, and two first class postage stamps. Each list usually contains about 200 or more names: WILLARDS SALES CO., P.O. BOX 1036, PALM SPRINGS, CA.92262;INFOPRENEUR, 3755 Avocado Blvd #110, La Mesa, CA 91941; LEW CARD, BOX 392, BREA, CA.92621; CAVAZOS ADVERTISING, 1952 S. KING RD.,SAN JOSE, CA.95122; BEAVERS,BOX 509, McCAYSVILLE, GA. 30555; PRICHARDS, 805 NW AVENUE, "J",SEMINOLE, TX.79360; C. WALKER, 6250 BABCOCK AVE.,N. HOLLYWOOD, CA.91606; FRENCH EXPRESS, 8403 ANTHONY WAYNE AVE.,CINCINNATI, OH.45216; NORTHSIDE STUDIOS, BOX 320, SILVER SPRINGS, MD.20907; JACKSON PUBLICATIONS, BOX 419-FML, WEST HAVEN, CT.06516; WELLMANS, BOX 571, CHASE CITY, VA.23924; HEATH BOOKS, 33 IRVING AVE.,PROVIDENCE, RI.02906; ERMA MAJORS CO.,3134 N. ACHILES, MILWAUKEE, WI.53212; SQUARE DEAL CO.,BOX 272, GORDONSVILLE, VA.22942; T.J ENTERPRISES, BOX 4960, WASHINGTON, DC. 20008; JAY DAVID CO.,BOX 5, McFARLAN, NC.28102.

HOW TO START YOUR OWN MAILBOX BOOK CLUB. Book of the month clubs are million dollar businesses. Since many people live in rural areas where no library is available, these people purchase from 5 to 10 books at a time through the mail. They would rather buy books through the mail than travel into the city for them. A Pennsylvania man has started a book club in which people pay a yearly rate of $12 to receive all the books they can read. In addition to the $12 fee, they must also pay postage on all the books they receive. When they have finished with the books, they return them to the man so that the books can be sent to other people wish to "rent" them. The book club business is operated by this man all year "round". He belongs to 10 books clubs himself, and originally received his first selections for about $1 for every 5 to 8 books ordered. He started with about 50 to 60 best sellers and then began advertising his own book club. Renting a book is much cheaper than buying one, so your business should do quite well. SUGGESTION: Make a list of all the books you have available and mail your list to interested people who answer the following classified ad we have prepared for you: "DON'T BUY BOOKS-RENT THEM! LIST OF TOP SELLERS SENT TO YOUR FOR A STAMP. (YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS.)"

HOW TO PREPARE CAMERA READY COPY FOR OFFSET PRINTING. "Camera ready" means just what it says. Your copy must be ready for the printer to photograph. From the photograph, he prints as many copies as you want. Don't expect him to shrink or enlarge your copy, or any part of it. He can't, except by special arrangement and costs. Your copy must be pure black and white. In some cases a printer can "shoot" other colors, but you're better off to check with him first. Red ink on white paper is OK. Use liquid paper to black out dirt, smudges, or anything you don't want printed. Don't erase. Leave plenty of margin on circulars. "Half-tones" (pictures previously printed and composed of hundreds of tiny dots to simulate grey area) don't print too well. Remember, the camera picks up exactly what it sees. It will not clean up your sloppiness. You must be neat, clean and honest.

HOW TO TURN OLD NEWSPAPERS INTO CASH MONEY. Scan your newspapers every day for headlines and advertisement layouts that contain catchy or interesting phrases in bold, well-printed type. Clip these and file them. You may use printing that is either black and white, or red and white. The next step is to use these headlines in circulars. Start the "camera ready" copy by doing this..and they look professionally done. Clip cartoons and "cute" drawings and incorporate them into your ads. Practice at this and you will soon have the expertise to compose ads and paste-ups for other dealers. Sell this service and you can make good money. This plan can soon grow into a well-paying career.

THE $500 A MONTH PLAN. One of the best ways to make money or start a business of your own is by placing advertisements which will -pay a good profit. Selling printed information by mail can be financially rewarding. Classified advertising is the cheapest way to get into mail order and it is often possible to make a fortune from these small ads. These small ads could not be there if they were not profitable money makers. You can see the same ads month after month. One can make up to $500 per month, or more, by running the following classified ads over your name and address. Pick a top national publication and test either one or both under the heading "MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITIES" The watch the dollars come in. Here are the advertisements: HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO RECEIVE $25 DAILY AND KEEP ALL THE MONEY?! FOR COMPLETE SET-UP SEND $1.00 TO: (YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS). Fill the orders you receive with a copy of this plan (have them copied by photo offset, mimeograph, Xerox, or whatever). If you study the many classified ads in the big national publication you may get a better idea of what the leading companies in mail order are doing. It truly is possible to make money with this plan. Good luck.

EARN $100 A WEEK IN A BUSINESS EVERYONE CAN OPERATE. Here is a business anyone can operate, making excellent profits. This is NOT a little-known business, and is one you are probably already aware exists. The business I am writing about is NAME LISTS. One New York firm boasts profits over $100,000 a year selling names to direct mail houses. YOU CAN DO IT TOO. I don't guarantee you will make $100,000 a year selling names, but you can easily make $100 each and every week, if you follow these simple instructions. 1) Run the following advertisement over your name: RECEIVE HUNDREDS OF BIG MAILS FREE, GET LISTED FOR 10 CENTS. (YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS). When names begin coming in, type them on name and address labels which you get at a stationery store. 2) sell your lists for about $4.00 per 100 names and $30 per thousands (many charge $40 per thousand).3) Make a list of the major mail order houses which advertise in the Merchants and Women magazines and send printed post card to each of them explaining your offer to sell mail order names to them typed on gummed labels. 4) The original remittance of 10 cents you received from individuals who requested to be listed with you pay for your acknowledgements to them ( and you enclose your other offers to these people for more profits).

HOW TO MAIL LETTERS IN THE USA FOR 3 CENTS EACH, INSTEAD OF THE USUAL POSTAGE RATES. Some shrewd mail order dealers are mailing their letters for only 1 cent by mailing their stuff from another country. Write to D. DAMBROSION, CATAMARCA, 1077 MARTINEZ, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA and ask about their printing and mailing service. Printing is much cheaper in Argentina and they'll mail your circulars to your mailing list in the USA from Argentina for only 3 cents American money.

HOW TO GET FREE INFORMATION ON HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF SUBJECTS. The U.S. Government publishes thousands of books every year on every subject imaginable. If you want some information on a certain subject the write: SUPERINTENDENT OF DOCUMENTS, GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE, WASHINGTON, DC. 20402.

10 TIPS FOR A JOB-GETTING RESUME. Executives-Do you freeze up when you write your own resume? Relax. the president of a leading executive search and management firm specializing in the communications field has written a helpful brochure:"TEN TIPS FOR A JOB GETTING RESUME". To obtain a copy write to 10 TIPS BROCHURE, MARSHALL CONSULTANTS, PH-B, 360 EAST 65th ST.,NEW YORK, NY.10021.

HOW TO GET FREE LEGAL AID. Low income families can get details about free legal aid by writing to: THE OFFICE ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES, LEGAL SERVICES, WASHINGTON, DC, or if you live in a large city consult the yellow pages of your phone directory for a local Legal Aid Society.

EARN MONEY WITH YOUR TELEPHONE. Look in your Sunday newspapers for advertisements of stores that are closed on Sundays. Notify them that you would be happy to handle phone orders for them on Sunday, on the items advertised. You might charge a few dollars or work on a commission basis. The recommended fee is $5 for a small to medium sized business outlet.

EARN MONEY SELLING MAGAZINES BY TELEPHONE. You can also sell direct or by mail. The magazine agencies listed below will send you all the information you need to get started selling magazine subscriptions. Write them for information. McGREGOR MAGAZINE AGENCY, MOUNT MORRISE, IL. 61054; FRANKLIN SQUARE SUBSCRIPTION AGENCY, 545 CEDAR LAKE, TEANECK, NJ. 07666; CROWLY, 330 E. 204 ST.,BRONX, NY.10467; THE AGENCY BUREAU, 250 W. 55th ST.,NEW YORK, NY.10019.

LEARN AND UNDERSTAND THE AMERICAN ECONOMIC SYSTEM. Get the book that is an excellent overview of our national financial system. For free book write THE AMERICAN ECONOMIC SYSTEM, "ECONOMICS", PUEBLO, CO.81009.

MAKE MONEY WRITING LETTERS! A Ohio women earns $50 weekly writing personal letters. HOW? She advertise her services in the National Tabloid newspapers and ladies magazines. For $3 weekly or $10 monthly, she promises a long letter to shut-ins, prisoners and service people. Families of these individuals explain the likes and dislikes of those she is to write to and she corresponds along the lines suggested by family and friends.

HOW TO LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE FOR AS LOW AS $2.00. French, German, Spanish, and others are taught through low cost government help. Write for information and prices--SUPERINTENDENT OF DOCUMENTS, GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE, WASHINGTON, DC.20402.

INFORMATION ON OIL LEASES YOU CAN WIN. The U.S. Government hold public drawings each month for thousands of acres of government owned land. The government sets bi prices as low as $10 for as much as 2300 acres of land. On some parcels of land there are no bidders which could make you an automatic winner. Send now for your free information on government oil leases: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT, WASHINGTON, DC. 20240.

HOW THE US GOVERNMENT WILL LEND YOU $15,000 WITHOUT COLLATERAL. The US Small Business Administration will provide capitol to start a worthy small new business at reasonable terms. Loans range from $2000 to $100,000 and this financing is available to anyone wanting to start a small NEW business up to $15,000 on the basis of a GOOD REPUTATION only--with NO collateral needed. Get complete FREE information from your nearest U.S. Small Business Administration office or write to SBA, WASHINGTON, DC. They can send you the loan application.

GET UP TO $1,000,000 WORTH OF LIFE INSURANCE WITH NO CASH. Contact: BRIDGE CAPITAL CORP, 140 MINEOLA BLVD., MINELOA, NY.11501. This firm claims they can place life insurance policies with nationally recognized companies--you pay NO cash, but exchange your surplus inventory or services or unregistered stock, furniture, different products, services, etc.

WHERE TO GET 10 BUILD-YOURSELF GUIDES FREE. Mr. Handyman: Here are 10 build-it-yourself projects. All the information you need for building success is here. a wood species selector, plan for assembly, materials needed and lots of helpful advice. You can receive all of these FREE by writing and sending 35 cents for postage and handling to: MRS. D.M. GARDNER, WESTERN WOOD PRODUCTS, 1500 YEON BLVD. PORTLAND, OR.97204.

HOW TO ORGANIZE AND INVESTMENT CLUB. An Investment Club can enable men and women of all ages to learn practical finance and build a nest egg in the process. For instance, one group of young men formed as club in 1940. Since then they have invested $108,983, withdrawn $153,643, and still have a liquidating value of $520,675, as of February 28, 1980. Pooling a sum as modest as $20 a month with fellow club members to invest in stocks has provided many investment clubbers' answers to financial goals. For a free pamphlet on organizing your own investment club, write to : NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF INVESTMENT CLUBS, PO BOX 220, ROYAL OAK, MI.48068.

WHERE TO GET FREE HOME BUYING GUIDE, 160 PAGES. Are you planning to buy a house? Here's a giant 160-page book, that will answer the many questions which will arise from the time you first see the real estate broker to the day you close the deal. Written by an authority, "HOME BUYING GUIDE" tells:"How to deal with the real estate broker", "How to figure the real cost", "how to finance a house", "How to close the deal", "How to determine good construction", and much more. There is even a chapter on the difference between cooperative apartments and condominiums. To obtain a copy, send 50 cents to cover the mailing and handling to: LAWYERS TITLE INSURANCE CORP.,PO BOX 27567, RICHMOND, VA.23261.

HOW TO GET 12% ON YOUR SAVINGS. Mexican banks pay up to 12% interest on savings: get details from MEXLETTER, HAMBURGO 165, MEXICO D.F. 6, MEXICO.

WHERE TO BUY LAND AT $1.25 AN ACRE. You can get U.S. land for only $1.25 an acre. If you are willing to irrigate & cultivate up to 320 acres. Get FREE information from U.S Bureau of Land Management, Washington, DC.20240.

HOW TO EARN $1,000 TO $100,000 READING NEWSPAPERS. Act as a "Finder:- a person who gets cash fee from the seller and buyer. Example: Suppose you read in the newspapers, or hear of a person who has a million dollar building to sell and you just happen to know of another person who might be interested in this kind of real estate. You then merely contact the seller, tell him you have a potential buyer whom you will introduce to him if the seller will pay you a 2% commission fee. If he agrees, you introduce the prospective buyer to him--then, if the buyer and seller get together on a deal, you will neatly EARN a $20,000 commission (2% of the selling price). The introduction can be made in person or by mail. And ii is possible for you to fine hundreds of these opportunities by checking the classified section of the major business papers and local papers.

EIGHT SOURCES OF ALL-PROFIT ADS. A number of mail order dealers publish information "folios" that they will send your customer free for a stamped, addressed envelope. They provide the ads which circulate over your own name, usually asking $1.00 retail. Although called "all-profit" they are really 80% commission ads or circulars. (It will cost you first-class mail stamp to send the order with a stamped-addressed envelope to the source. The source then stuffs the envelope with the order and ads for his or her products). The source for "all-profit" ads hopes that your customer will then order something from him. His ad costs him only the labor of stuffing the envelope and printing of materials. Send self-addressed stamped envelope to the following sources for samples for their all-profit ads and circulars together with full details of their offerings: B & N SALES, P.O. BOX 1663, NEWPORT BEACH, CA.92660; JADA, ASSOCIATES, BOX 587, SANTA CRUZ, CA.95060; LEW CARD, BOX 392, BREA, CA.92621; INFOPRENEUR, 3755 AVOCADO BLVD #110, LA MESA, CA 91941; CARL T. O'SHEA, BOX 700, BALDWIN PARK, CA.91706; AMBERGATE, 2887 WASHINGTON ST.,SAN FRANCISCO, CA.94115; A & N GAREN CO.,BOX 28097, COLUMBUS, OH.43228; UNITED WORLD PUBLICATIONS, BOX 3876, SAN DIEGO, CA.92104; JACK WILLIS, 3125 GOTTINGREN NO. 310, HALIFAX, N.S.,CANADA.

HOW TO NEVER BE WITHOUT A JOB. I made this discovery in California, but the situation is probably true in all areas of the U.S. After working for several years in a dead-end job, I quit, and found myself without a job and no idea as to what I wanted to do. I scanned the ads. One read "Fry Cook Wanted." I once owned a 4x4 hamburger joint, so I thought "Maybe I'll try it. I might have enough experience". I phoned the firm. The owner did everything but beg me to take the job. Not once did he ask me about my experience. I took the job. The pay was small but I enjoyed the work, I saw another ad, same story- but more pay-full fledged cook. In about a month, another ad offering $4 per hour, (that was in 1970), same story-word of mouth opportunity--head cook $700 per month salary. Another--manager transferred, job opened, $1200 per month. All this happened to me within one year--and I started with the ability to fry hamburgers and nothing else. Shortage of cooks? I don't know. All I know is that it's practically impossible for a restaurant to find and keep a cook. I have seen high school boys hired as dishwashers and two weeks later start cooking. How can one learn to cook? Make no mistake about it--you don't need to know HOW to cook. Buy an egg pan and learn to flip eggs. This ability alone will get you a job. You don't have to be a cook, just say you are and you'll never be without a job.

HOW TO GET FREE LAND IN CANADA. Write to either the Dept. of Land and Forest, Parliament Bldg.,Quebec City Canada, or to Communication Group, 2630 Point Grey Rd.,Vancouver 8 BC, Canada.

HOW TO MAKE MONEY SELLING SCRAP. You too can break into the scrap metal business on a shoestring and turn someone else's junk into gold. Start out by becoming the "local junk dealer". All you actually need to get started is a couple of empty boxes and either a pickup truck or station wagon. Any metal that you find is worth money these days. Check with local machine shops, plumbers, electricians, roofers, and building contractors. And be sure and check in the neighborhood trash containers and service stations. It's a good idea to contract with these sources to remove their metal on a regular basis--most of them will give it to you, it saves them hauling it away. Sort out the metal according to type--steel, iron, tin, brass, aluminum, etc. Separate, it is worth $30 a ton or more. Your next step is to search the yellow pages for scrap metal processors--they are anxious to purchase all the scarp you can provide at the going rates. Check with daily newspapers to keep in touch with metal prices. Also subscribe to the "American Metal Market", house-to house. Let the people know that you are in the business of "recycling" scrap metals--most folks will give you what they have free. You can establish your own "recycling center", providing separate bins for each metal. People are super ecology minded these days and will gladly bring it to you. newspaper is worth about $50 per ton, cardboard $40 a ton, and old telephone books bring $150 per ton. Contact business and pick up their waste on a regular basis. Hundreds of fortunes have been built in exactly this way--simple, low-investment beginnings. Perhaps 9 out of 10 giants of the industry started in exactly this way, and so can you. After you've gotten your feet wet, jump into the big time, the "junk automobile" business. This is the best source of scarp metal. It requires a pretty good investment for equipment, such as tow truck, mobile crusher, and a yard to store cars to do the crushing. To begin, rent the yard, purchase a used tow truck and crusher, and contact your County Clerk for insurance and licensing requirements. Tow wrecked and abandoned cars, buy old cars say $25 each and strip them for useable parts--then crush them for scrap. Body shops, garages, and service stations are prime markets for used and reconditioned parts of all types. You still sell the scrap metal to processors or even brokers. Here are several publications you should consider to help you get started in this highly profitable business; AMERICAN SCRAP METAL MARKETS, 7 E. 12TH ST., NY, NY.10003; SCARP AGE, 6311 GROSS PT. RD/..NILES, IL.60648; INSTITUTE OF SCRAP, 1729 H ST.,WASHINGTON, DC.20006; ASSOCIATION OF SECONDARY MATERIAL, 330 MADISON AVE.,NY.

HOW TO GET 6000 CIRCULARS PRINTED AND MAILED FREE. Here is a plan that will enable you to get your circulars printed and mailed FREE, plus reduce the cost of mailing to nothing. Locate an offset printer in your area or by mailorder in one of the many mail order publications who will print both sides of an 8 1/2 x 11 for $14 per 1000. Then run the following ad over your name in any mail order publication. A letterpress publication needs no camera ready copy. Ad copy: CO-OP PRINTING (OUR AD ON BACK SIDE) 1000 2 1/2 X 5 1/2 ONLY $3.25. SEND CAMERA READY COPY TO: (YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS). On an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper you can get six 3 x 6 circulars from responses to your ad, plus your six 3 x 6's on the other side FREE.Have your printer cut them into six 3 x 6's, 1000 of each. Send 1000 to each of your customers. You get 6000 of your side printed FREE, and mailed by your customers FREE. six responses to your ad will give you $19.50--$15.50 to print and cut the 3 x 6's and $4 for mailing the circulars back to your customers. If the printing and postage costs go up, as they are again and again, adjust your price accordingly. Check the mailorder publications to see what others are selling printing for.

HOW TO BUY SURPLUS AUTOS, BOATS, AIRPLANES, ETC. FOR 2 CENTS ON THE DOLLAR. By buying direct form the U.S. Government, it is often possible to buy jeeps for as low as $62. Trucks (originally costing $10,000) for only $400. Thousands of other surplus items are available, such as typewriters, guns, household and commercial furnishings, machinery, etc. Both new and used merchandise is sold to the general public each year--millions of dollars worth. Get free periodical and bidders application from: DOD SURPLUS SALES, PO BOX 1370, BATTLE CREEK, MI.49016.

HOW TO VANISH AND START OVER AGAIN UNDER A NEW IDENTITY. Many people change their identity each year for a variety of reasons, sometimes legal, sometimes for illegal reasons. The idea is obtain a "birth certificate" of a deceased individual who have been your approximate age, hair color, eye color, etc.,had they lived, preferably, this should be the name of a child, not a infant, at least one year old when he died, and no older than 5 years old, if possible. Search through the death records of your local county or state courthouse. The death records will tell you the name of the parents and other information which is need to apply for (your) birth certificate. Once you obtain the birth certificate you can obtain any other "official" documents almost at will.

HOW TO RAISE UP TO $50,000 WITH YOUR CREDIT CARDS. Millions of people have an assortment of credit cards in today's almost "cashless" society. With many bank credit cards, and even department store cards, it is possible to apply under the "same name" and obtain TWO OR MORE identical cards bearing only different account numbers. Given the high limits on such cards as American Express ($20,000) and others, it is simple procedure to raise up to $50,000 by utilizing 30 to 40 cards of less if you use American Express. With the bank cards, you simply obtain a "cash advance" up to your credit limit. With the American Express and Carte Blanc cards, you can charge some merchandise such as gold coins and turn around and sell them at a discount to your friends, neighbors, etc. With enough cards, you can quickly turn you amount of discounted "merchandise" into cash.

HOW TO START YOUR OWN UNIVERSITY FOR LESS THAN $50. First, file for a certificate of incorporation of a non-profit organization with the Secretary of State where the school is to be located. Second, file an application with the IRS and Treasury Dept. If you form your corporation by mail in Delaware, the cost will be less than $50 at this writing. For detailed info, write: ENTERPRISE PUBLISHING, 501 Beneficial Bldg.,Wilmington, DE.19804.

HOW TO BUY A NEW CAR FOR $50 OVER DEALERS COST. You can purchase your next car with the exact optional equipment you want and pick the car up at your local dealer; YET, you will pay as little as $50 over the dealer cost. The car will be completely guaranteed and serviced, just as if you paid the full retail price. No strings. How? By buying through a reputable new car broker. Here's a list of some of the major ones. They will be happy to furnish you with complete details: UNITED AUTO BROKERS, 1603 BUSHWICK AVE.,BROOKLYN, NY.12207; UNITED BUYING SERVICE, 1855 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, NY.10023; D & J ENTERPRISES, 130 SCOTTS DR.,HOLLAND, MI.49423; MASTERSON AUTO SALES, 1957 CHESTNUT, SAN FRANCISCO, CA.94123; NATIONWIDE AUTO SALES, 3605 LONG BEACH BLVD.,LONG BEACH, CA.

HOW TO MAKE LAMPS AND VASES FROM BOTTLES. HOW TO CUT GLASS WITHOUT A DIAMOND CUTTER. Dip a piece of common string in alcohol and squeeze dry or as dry as it will get without dripping. This string should then be placed on the already marked glass and tied tight. Light the string and let it burn off. Immediately, while the glass is still hot, plunge it into cold water. Be sure the container of water is large enough to let the glass go completely under, as well as your arm up to the elbow, so as to deaden the vibration when you strike the glass. Strike the glass with your other hand outside the line of cutting using a stick of wood and hitting a sharp stroke. This quick, sharp stroke, will break the glass where it has been weakened by the burning string into a clean cut as if done by a regular glass cutter. This method may be used to cut bottles in any shape and to make vases and to perform many such cuttings on glass. METHOD 2: Here is a method that rarely fails to break the glass clean in the place you want it broke, First, scratch the glass with the corner of a file or sharp graver. Have a piece of wire bent to the desired shape you want to cut the glass. Heat the wire red hot and lay it upon the scratch. Sink the glass into cold water just deep enough to come on a level with the wire, not quite covering it. The glass will break clean. HOW TO CUT GLASS WITH SCISSORS: To do this you must place the glass under water completely, then with a pair of ordinary scissors, proceed to cut the glass as you would paper or cloth. This method is, of course, not as smooth a job as the methods described above. The edges will not be as smooth, but getting a piece of glass down to size and where the edges are not needed to be smooth, this method is satisfactory. HOW TO DRILL GLASS: Get a piece of steel wire and file to shape of a drill. This must be tempered as follows: heat the end of the drill on a flame until it is dull red, then place it in metallic mercury. This drill, tempered in this manner, will bore through glass as easily as through soft metal. When using in glass, always use oil of turpentine with a little camphor added to lubricate the drill. As you drill, be careful not to drill clear through from one side as you will break the glass this way. Drill partly, or almost through, then start from the opposite side and finish the hole. Or, if you cannot do this, as when you are drilling bottles, etc. fill these bottles with water or place the glass in water. CAUTION: When you make the drill, do not make the cutting edges so sharp or too acute. The drill will cut slowly but you will have better holes with less breakage. BONUS: Rainbow colors for bottles, vases, etc: Use floating art colors obtainable from most paint stores. Take a pail and fill it with water and drop a few drops of several different art colors on top of the water. Now, Take any article you wish colored and dip down through the colors slowly back and forth. You now have a rainbow colored article. You can color bottles, vases, and many articles in this way.

HOW TO GET FREE RENT. You can get free rent through one of the three methods 1) Manage an apartment. 2) As a building caretaker. 3) house-sitting. opportunities to get free rent by all of these methods may be found simply by checking the classified advertising section of newspapers in the area you wish to live. Most of the opportunities will be listed under the "Help Wanted". Managing apartments consists of collecting rents, showing empties, minor repairs such as leaky faucets, replacing light bulbs--and taking care of the grounds. Some units even pay a small salary-depending on the size of the complex. In a large complex there is usually a separate maintenance man and/ or caretaker. The manager handles the rent collecting and getting the empties occupied. These positions normally pay a token salary along with the free rent. House sitting is a lot more attractive to the average person. The only drawback is that most opportunities are for short term. 3 months to a year. However, if you only want to locate to an area for a short period of time, this is the way to do it and live rent-free. Lots of people would rather have someone occupy their homes during their absence than have it sit. You would be expected to maintain the place and treat it "better" than if it were your own. For more insight into the business of apartment managing, write to: APARTMENT MANAGERS NEWS, 65 CHERRY AVE.,WAITERTOWN, CT.06795.

HOW TO TRAVEL ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD FREE-2 WAYS. You can travel anywhere in the world and stay for free in private homes and luxury hotels. How? By one or both of the following methods: Method No. 1: John Co-operator Exchange and Travel Club (listed below) for as little as $5. As a travel club member you receive a list of as many as 5000 names and addresses from all over the U.S. and the world. Only members receive the list. As a member, you offer your home as a stopping point for compatible people when it is convenient for you. In return you stay for free in any of over 5000 throughout the world. Most of the people who belong to these clubs are interesting, adventurous and fun-loving. On your next vacation enjoy the personal contact of staying in someone else's home. See the world on a shoestring and enjoy! Write to the following clubs for complete details: TRAVELERS DIRECTORY, BOX 1547, 537 CHURCH ST.,LANCASTER, PA.17604. VACATION EXCHANGE CLUB, 119 FIFTH AVE.,NY, NY; HOLIDAY HOME EXCHANGE, BOX 555, GRANTS, NM.87020; WORLDWIDE VACATION HOMES, 5264 PROCTOR RD.,CASTRO VALLEY, CA. Method 2: Become an "outside" agent for a travel agency, a tour guide or coordinator for group tours. Go to a large travel agency and contract with them for a free trip (all expenses paid) in exchange for securing 20 to 30 people to go with you on a group tour.

AMAZING PROSPERITY PLAN. Make extra money by running the following ad over your name: "AMAZING PROSPERITY PLAN..PAYS EIGHT WAYS--UP TO $6. ALL PROFIT. RUSH $1.00 FOR YOUR COPY TODAY (YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS)." Fill orders with a copy of this same plan. Or advertise the following: RECEIVE $250 FROM $4 INVESTMENT, METHOD FOR STAMP & $1.00 (YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS). Fill the orders with the following information: 250 copies of this can be bought for $4 and sold for $1 each (250) or 1,000 copies of this can be bought for $12 and sold for $1 each ($1,000). Order copies from Business Success Enterprises, 25 Sunny Glenway No.119, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3C 2Z5.

HOW TO GET FREE ADVERTISING. There are copies of this report being sold today which the author explains free advertising may be obtained by sending your ads in to different mail order publications and tell the publisher that you will mail "X" number of copies of his magazine if he will print your ad. This plan is fine if you are a mailer, and "if" the publisher is having circulation problems. However, the plan you have just purchased is better and more certain because you need not be a mailer, nor depend upon the generosity of the magazine publisher. Sandco Publications, 3414-9th, Cres, Ca.95307 will print for you, absolutely free, 1000 each of your best 3 x 6 circulars, and your best 8 1/2 x 11 circular, when you purchase 1000 of their "All Our Offers" commission circulars at just $14.95. This itself FREE ADVERTISING, but there's an added bonus. The commission circular is made up of dozens of ads offering valuable information and services that people buy on which you make 50%. The orders you get back from these will more than pay back your original investment. THIS IS FREE ADVERTISING. Before ordering, check with the firm and see if this price is still effect as inflation makes a firm price difficult to maintain.

HOW TO WRITE AN AD THAT PULLS. If your ads aren't paying off then you need this quick method in writing order-pulling ads: Step 1: Write a headline that will draw attention to your product or service. Don't write headlines with phrases like: ATTENTION PLEASE! Create headlines that IMMEDIATELY let people know you are selling. If you have envelopes for sale at a discount, use a headline which says: DISCOUNT ENVELOPES. Step 2: Don't confuse the reader with several different offers in one ad. Use more space if you intend to advertise several offers. If only one inch of ad space is being used, then sell only one item. An example of copy that would describe Discount Envelopes would read as follows: DISCOUNT ENVELOPES, ALL SIZES AND ALL STYLES,"DESCRIPTIVE CATALOG AVAILABLE FREE WITH YOUR ORDER FOR 100 #10 BUSINESS ENVELOPES IMPRINTED WITH UP TO 4 LINES. $3.95 Ppd.. CATALOG WITHOUT ORDER 25 CENTS." Step 3 An ad that sells GENERAL MERCHANDISE or services that can be used by most individuals can be advertised in any publication. Offers such as stamps should be advertised this way.

THE $100 A DAY PLAN, SIX IN ONE. Insert the following ad in classified sections of local papers, mail order magazines, etc. It's quick dollar-pulling ad: MAKE $100 A DAY! How would you like to receive 100 letters a day, each containing $1.00? It's easy. Will send you this plan with directions plus six money-making formulas for only $1. (Your name and address). When you receive an order from this dollar-puller, fill it yourself by mailing the customer a copy of this set of instructions. " The six formulas EYEGLASS CLEANER- Mix together 8 oz of ammonia and 32 oz of denatured alcohol. Put up in 1/2 oz bottles to sell for 25 cents to 50 cents each. MOSQUITO REMEDY- Mix oil of citronella with common vaseline. Apply to hands and put on shirt collars or on a cloth or handkerchief which may be tied around the neck. LIQUID HAND SOAP Dissolve any good powered soap in boiling water. Add one part alcohol to each 4 parts soap solution. A perfume scent may be added, if desired, when cool. POWERED HAND SOAP Put ordinary tri-sodium phosphate in sifter can or mix 7 oz. of same with 3 oz of fine powered pumice. Retail 3 oz for 25 to 50 cents. INSECT & ROACH EXTERMINATOR Mix the following: 1 lb. Borax and 6 oz powered sugar. Add 1 oz cocoa power and 2 oz. sodium fluoride. Mix well. Sprinkle around places pests known to frequent. KEEP away from children. ATHLETES FOOT REMEDY Mix 4 oz. Borax with a gallon of water. Put up in 8 oz bottles and sell for 50 cents. Helps get rid of sores on feet as well. Use on feet only.


HOW TO GET FREE OIL FOR YOUR CAR. The secret of getting oil for your car either absolutely free, or at pennies per gallon is to realize that OIL DOES NOT WEAR OUT, IT JUST GETS DIRTY. Remove the dirt and other particles from oil and it will be like new. It will have all the lubricating qualities it had when it was new. How to make old oil like new: Boil 4 gallons of old oil. Add 1 pint of liquid silicate of soda. Stir for 10 minutes then let it settle until the oil is clear. Remove the oil from the top. (sediment and sludge will be at the bottom-avoid tipping or tilting the container to such an extent as to stir up the sediment). How to get old oil FREE. Go to the local filling stations and ask for their old oil. Usually you can have it for hauling it away. If you sell oil to others, offer to pay the station owner 5 cents a gallon for the oil. Furnish them with a steel drum to put the oil in. This will assure you of a steady supply. Expanding your business: HILLYARD CORP., 98 W. 4TH ST.,ELMIRE, NY Has automatic equipment that reclaims oil if you decide to develop your business on a larger scale. You might even consider renting garage space (lots of abandoned gas stations these days) and specialize in oil changes for a buck or two. With oil prices $1.00 quart, it won't take long for you to build a fantastic business.

287 PROFIT-MAKING ADS. If you haven't read about this ad before, then you will be excited to read it now: 287 PROFIT MAKING ADSSELL UNDER YOUR NAME, EARN 50 -100% ON DROP SHIPMENTS. EARNING POTENTIAL $370. SEVEN SHEETS, 189 ADS PAYING 50 %. 67 PAYING 75%. 28 ALL-PROFIT ADS. DEALERSHIP SET-UP, $200. MOORE ENTERPRISES, 2639 MERHOFF ST.,LOUISVILLE, KY.40217. We sent off for the above offer and found out that Joseph Moore, the owner, has expanded and improved the dealership, set-up since January. He added more and better deals: ALL items selling less than $1 pay 75% commission-all dropship. What's more, Joe has one single price $15 Special for ALL he got--hundreds of offers and reports in a BIG envelope including right to reprint and sell these items for 100% profit.

HOW TO GET FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS TO MAGAZINES. There are a large number of "trade" magazines, journals, newsletters, and newspapers which are mailed absolutely FREE to interested firms and individuals who merely ask for them. There are not of course, the common magazines you find at your local newsstand but they do offer much valuable reading. To locate the names and addresses of magazines which offer free subscriptions, simply go to your library and ask the librarian for a copy of STANDARD RATE AND DATA. This book lists all trade magazines and specialty publications. It will advise which magazines are "Controlled Circulation." Any magazine stating it has "controlled circulation" normally indicates it is available free. All you have to do is write the magazine and ask them to place your name on their mailing list. Try to indicate interest or some connection in your occupation, or avocation with the subject matter of the magazine.

HOW TO OBTAIN $800 LOAN BY MAIL...INTEREST FREE! If you are like most of us, than at sometime or another you will probably need to obtain a loan. If you can obtain one through a bank or commercial lending institution, then you don't really have any problems. Sometimes, however, banks and loan companies will not lend money that you need. The HEBREW FREE LOAN SOCIETY 205 EAST 42nd ST.,NEW YORK, NY.10017,will make a loan to people in need up to $800. There is no interest on the loan, and it is scheduled to be repaid over a period of one year. Two endorser's are needed. Write to them for complete details.

HOW TO DOUBLE YOUR EARNINGS IN MAIL ORDER. Want to double your earnings in mailorder? You CAN if you use my simple method! I've used it for years and still continue to do so. Begin by running one or two ads in several different mail order publications. When the orders begin coming in, take a full 50% of the profits and invest them in more advertising. Most dealers DON'T do this and wonder why they aren't making any money. You MUST invest at least half your profits to DOUBLE your income in this business. When I started in mail order, I had $5 to invest. I didn't believe it would be enough to help, but it WAS enough and I showed a profit of over $300 in my first 3 months. That wasn't a bad beginning, but today I bring in many times my original investment EACH DAY. Investments of profits is the secret if you wish to succeed in business, and mail order is no exception.

HOW TO GET YOUR CIRCULARS MAILED FREE. Yes, there is a way to get your circulars mailed free. As soon as you can afford it, become a supplier of commission circulars. The easiest way to do this is to take "All-Profit" offers and have circulars printed on two sides. On one side have your name and address printed. On the other side leave space for a rubber stamp imprint. Offer these circulars to circular mailers on a commission basis. They keep a commission--50%- 100% on the other side, and you make your profit on the other. Use this same method for any offers that you develop for yourself. You can reach these mailers by advertising in, or subscribing in several mail order trade magazines and ad sheets. Another way to locate mailers for your literature is to notice the ads by mailers, usually at the bottom of their ad they state,"COMMISSION CIRCULARS MAILED FREE" which means that they get one side--and you get the other, as above. If you really want to get rolling using this method, take two "All-Profit" offers and give the mailers 100% on one side. You still make yours on the other offer. Also, if you are interested in obtaining additional commission circulars for yourself, include the above statement as part of your own ad. Still another way to get your literature mailed free is to include this little note in all your advertising--at the end of the copy: STAMP APPRECIATED." It only costs you two words, but it could save you bunches of bucks in postage. If you are advertising in trade publications or ad sheets, use "SASE" which means self-addressed stamped envelope. This savings for envelopes, addressing labor, and postage can amount to lots of money. Many small dealers use this method exclusively--even in the large circulation magazines. They've been using it for years so it must work!

WHERE TO GET 3 SURE-FIRE MONEY MAKERS FREE. Sunshine Greeting Cards are sure profit-makers for spare time selling. You will be very proud of your contribution to the family income and for those little luxuries you wish for. And you can do this by inviting the neighbors over for a coffee party and show these nice and beautiful Sunshine cards, gift wrappers and novelties. It's a sure way to earn extra money. You can request for everything you need, free catalog, sales kit, and sample boxes on approval from: SUNSHINE ART STUDIOS, INC.,SPRINGFIELD, MA.01101. FREE $2 BOX OF GREETING CARDS TO START YOU MAKING EXTRA MONEY. Extra income can be yours without giving up your precious time with your family. Show off and sell this popular greeting card line to all your friends, neighbors, and relatives you have. Over 250 new and different fast-selling greetings and novelties will pile up profits fast. You will receive $2 box of cards free along with samples on approval by writing to: CARDINAL CRAFTSMEN, 1400 STATE AVE.,CINCINNATI, OH.44212. START YOUR OWN GREETING CARD SHOP RIGHT IN YOUR OWN HOME--Make extra money with these guaranteed sellers. All occasion cards, birthday and get well cards, gift wraps, beautiful stationery, and gifts can be successfully sold to your friends and neighbors individually or on a profitable party plan. Write for samples, free color catalog, sales plan, and more to : HEDENCAMP & CO.,INC.,361 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, NY.10013.

HOW TO GET FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS TO OVER 60 MAGAZINES. To receive your choice of these free magazines, TYPE your request on your letterhead or a plan sheet of paper. Ask to be placed on their mailing list to receive future copies. Some of the magazines may arrive for only a few months or a year. In these cases, simply mail another request for the re-submitting my request every 6 to 12 months. Interested in receiving the more popular newsstand magazines? You can get them free but you can get the WHOLESALE. All you have to do is become a subscription agent. Write to: McGregor Magazine Agency, Mount Morris, IL.61054. Request the Wholesale Magazine Subscription catalog. Many times you can deal directly with a magazine and become one of their subscription agents. Reader's Digest is one such magazine. By becoming their agent and subscribing yourself under a business name, you can receive Reader's Digest for about $1.60 per year! (Wholesale rates for business are lower than consumer rates.)


BUSINESS CONDITIONS--Research Dept.,Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, PO Box 834, Chicago, IL.60690
BUSINESS IN BRIEF--Richard W. Everett, Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A., 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, New York,NY.10015 CONSUMER NEWSLETTER--Norman, Craig & Kummel, Inc.,919-3rd Ave.,New York, NY
SALESMAN'S OPPORTUNITY--Opportunity Publishing Co.,875 N. Michigan Ave.,Suite 1460, Chicago, IL.60611
SPARE TIME--The Kipen Publishing Corp.,5810 W. Oklahoma Ave.,Milwaukee, WI.53219
SPECILATY SALESMAN--Specialty Salesman Magazine, Inc.,307 N. Michigan Ave.,Chicago, IL.60611
MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNTIES--Success Publishing Co.,Inc.,13263 Ventura Blvd.,Studio City, CA.91604
MINERAL INDUSTRY SURVEYS--U.S. Bureau of Mines, Washington, DC.20240
WEEKLY STOCK LETTER--Bache & Co.,100 Gold St.,New York, NY.10038. AMERICAN INVESTOR--American Stock Exchange, 86 Trinity Place, New York, NY.10006
GOOD LIVING--Savings & Loan Publications, 1755 Northwest Blvd.,Columbus, OH.43212
GOLD BULLETIN--Chamber of Mines, 5 Hollard Street, Johannesburg, South Africa
SILVER INSTITUTE LETTER--Silver Institute Letter, Suite 1138, 1001 Connecticut Ave.,Washington, DC.20036
BUYER'S GUIDE TO EXPORT PRODUCTS--American Exporter & Industrial World, Johnston Publishing, 386 Park Ave.,NY.10016 ECONOMIC REVIEW--Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Box 6387, Cleveland, OH.44101
DIRECTORY OF BUSINESS & INVESTMENT SERVICES--Select Information Exchange, Box 770, Wall St.Station, New York, NY.10005 ADVERTISING & PROMOTION IDEAS NEWSLETTER, Impact Specialty Co.,395 Monroe Circle S., Des Plaines, IL.10017 WORLDWIDE MARKETING HORIZONS--Pan American World Airways, Pan Am Building, 200 Park Ave.,New York, NY.10017 FINANCE FACTS--National Consumer Finance Association, 1000 16th St.,NW, Washington, DC.20036
WARD'S BULLETIN--Ward's Natural Science Establishment, Inc.,PO Box 1712, Rochester, NY.14603
PSYCHIATRY & SOCIAL SCIENCE REVIEW--Book Center, 59 Fourth Ave.,New York, NY.10003
GRAPHIC GAZETTE--Champion Printing Co.,Box 148, Ross, Oh.45061 RURAL LIVING--Virginia Association of Electric Cooperatives, 205 W. Franklin St.,Richmond, VA.23220
IDAHO WILDLIFE REVIEW--Idaho Fish & Game Dept.,600 S. Walnut St.,Bosie, ID.83707
FRENCH NEWS--Cultural Services of French Embassy, 972 Fifth Ave.,New York, NY.
OUTDOORS--Lee Cullimore, Outdoors, Inc.,Outdoors Bldg.,Columbia, MD.65201
MEMO TO MAILERS--U.S. Postal Service, Box 6400, Arlington, VA.22206.
FRONTIER--Milton E. Nelson, IT Research Institute, 10 W. 35th St.,Chicago, IL.60616
PRESS CENSORSHIP NEWSLETTER--Reporter's Committee for Freedom of the Press, Room 1310, 1750 Pennsylvania Ave.,NW, Washington, DC.20006
CONSERVATIONS NEWS--National Wildlife Federation, 1412 26th St.,NW, Washington, DC.20036
PLEASURES OF PUBLISHING--Columbia University Press, 562 W. 133th St.,New York, NY.10025
AMERICAN YOUTH--Ceco Publishing Co.,17390 W. 8 Mile Rd.,Southfield, MI..48075
NATIONAL ECONOMIC TRENDS--Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Box 442, St. Louis, MO.63166
ATMOSPHERIC TECHNOLOGY--National Center for Atmospheric Research,Mesa Lab, Boulder, CO.80302
BRAZILIAN BULLETIN--Brazilian Government Trade Bureau, 551 Fifth Ave.,New York,, NY.10017
AMERICAN BABY-- American Baby, Inc.,10 E. 52nd St.,New York, NY.10022
WASHINGTON WILDLIFE--Washington State Game Dept.,600 N. Capitol Way, Olympia, WA.98501
SCHOOL PRODUCT NEWS--J. Arlen Marsh, School Product News, 614 Superior Ave.,W. Cleveland, OH.44113
EUROPEAN COMMUNITY--Kathleen Lynch, European Community Information Service, 2100 Main St.,Washington, DC.20037 BETTER HEARING--Better Hearing, Suite 2807 Graybar Bldg.,420 Lexington Ave.,New York, NY.10017
DOG OWNERS DIGEST--William Cooper & Nephews, Inc.,1909-25 Clifton Ave.,Chicago, IL.60614
LAWN CARE--Scotts, Marysville, OH.43040 SCIENCE DIMENSION--National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa KIA ORTARIO Canada
OUR SUN--Charles E. Petty, Sun Oil Co.,Corporate Public Relations, 1608 Walnut St.,Philadelphia, PA.19103
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CALIFORNIA AGRICULTURE--Aricultural Publications, University of California, Berkeley, CA.94720
ANIMAL HEALTH INSTITUTE REPORTER--Animal Health Institute, 1717 K St.,NW, Washington, DC.20006
BETTER TOMORROW--Utah Division of Aging, 345 S. 6th East, Salt Lake City, UT.84102
CREATIVE IDEAS IN GLASS--ASG Industries, Inc.,PO Box 929, Kingsport, TN.37662
SCHOOLHOUSE--Educational Facilities Laboratories, 477 Madison Ave.,New York, NY.10022
INDUSTRIAL GERONTOLOGY--Irma R. Withers, National Council of Aging, 1828 L St.,NW, Washington, DC.20008
PAKISTAN AFFAIRS--Embassy of Pakistan, 2315 Massachusetts Ave.,NW, Washington, DC.20008
MISSISSIPPI MAGIC--Jean B. May, Mississippi Agricultural & Industrial Board, PO Box 849, Jackson, MS.39205 I. H. FARM FORUM MAGAZINE--Mr. David Percy, International Harvester, 401 N. Michigan Ave.,Chicago, IL.60611 NOISE MEASUREMENT--General Radio Co.,300 Baker Ave.,W., Concord., MA.01742
PETROLEUM TODAY--American Petroleum Institute, 1801 K St.,NW, Washington, DC.20006
BINDING TIES--Black Women's Community Development Foundation, 1029 Connecticut Ave.,NW, Washington, DC.20036 BSCS NEWSLETTER--The Biological Sciences Curriculum Study, PO Box 930, Boulder, CO.80302
MONETARY TRENDS--Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Box 442, St. Louis, MO.63166

GET A FREE CADILLAC, MERCEDES, OR OTHER FINE LUXURY CAR EVERY YEAR. Again, you can work this by having your own non-profit church or institution furnish you with a vehicle for church work. Under IRS codes, such vehicles can also be used for personal affairs. Still another method is to become an automobile broker for a local dealership. You work out a whereby you sell so many cars to your friends, etc.,that you are furnished with a NEW car every year in return. I have personally worked this gambit many times.

HOW TO CREATE WORK RECORDS, DIPLOMAS, DEGREES. The basic idea consists of visiting a college library and checking the yearbooks for someone with a surname, the same as yours. Then you write to the university and request a copy of "Your" degree which you state has been lost, stolen, or whatever and remembering to give the graduation date. With this you can custom make a resume fit for a king. For work records, you simply create or use names of your former employers, those firms which have since gone out of business. For the last current employer, you again create a company which could be the number and address of a friend who will back up your employment checks with glowing testimonials on your abilities.

ONE-MAN BUSINESSES HAVING AT LEAST A $50,00 PER YEAR POTENTIAL. There are several businesses one can operate by himself and make $50,000 and up a year. For example, Financial Brokerage, Import-Export, Mail Order. A Finder Business, Licensing Agent, and many more. Courses and books on these subjects are available from the following firms: VENTURE BOOK CO.,BOX 19033, LAS VEGAS, NV.89119; INTERNATIONAL SUCCESS, BOX 186, JERRICK, NY 11566; AEA, 631 WILSHIRE BLVD.,SANTA MONICO, CA.90401

HOW TO GET FREE MEDICAL (AND DENTAL) CARE. Once you have formed your own non-profit organization, as detailed elsewhere in these reports, you merely place in your corporate charter the provision that medical care be paid by the organization of which you are a member. The organization, if set up properly, would obtain its money through donations and grants which you should actively seek. Thus, your medical care costs nothing.

HOW TO GET FREE LIFE INSURANCE & PENSION. Again as above, you merely include these benefits in your corporate charter so that YOU, as a member, or officer of the organization, receive the free benefits from the organization.

HOW TO GET HUNDREDS OF NEW BOOKS FREE. You can receive hundreds, even thousands of new books each year free by becoming a "book reviewer." Offer to write a column for your local paper for free. Once published, send tear sheets to major publishers who will add you to their reviewer's list for mailings of new books throughout the year.

LIVE IN A $100,000 HOME WITHOUT MONEY. Best way is to become a "house sitter. You offer to live in luxury homes while the owners are away vacationing. If you live in a large city you can probably live all year rent free by keeping a notebook of clients who need your services to protect their homes from vandals while they are away. If necessary, get yourself bonded.

STOP PAYING REAL ESTATE TAXES FOR FOREVER. No more property tax, no school, sewer or other local civic taxes--avoid ALL these taxes by simply LIVING ON THE WATER in your own boat. The Chinese have been living aboard their boats for many generations so this is nothing new! You can buy a 40 foot houseboat with two 220 HP engines for a little as $11,000 on terms. Get more information by sending a SASE to: H.C WILSON, BOX 177, RIVERSIDE, NJ.08075.

GET AN EXCLUSIVE OFFICE WITH NO RENT. The way you do this is become a "Rental Manager." Many office complexes have vacant spaces because there is no on-the-premises manager to show the space and answer questions. Find out which complexes are having vacancy problems and locate the owner. he will normally be glad to offer you an office if you answer calls, and show off the spaces to prospective clients.

GET $20,000 WORTH OF FREE FURNITURE. You can obtain free furniture and a lot of other merchandise by starting up a "freebie Newspaper." What you do is contact store owners and merchants who normally advertise in regular local papers and offer to run their ads in exchange for free furniture, or other merchandise. True, you will be running their ad free but chances are you wouldn't have to a paid ad for that space either. If you promote this right, you could grow into a large operation and go into PAID circulation before you know it. In the meantime, and for as long as you like, you can continue to receive FREE merchandise in exchange for advertising.

HOW TO BORROW MONEY INTEREST-FREE. There are a number of ways to borrow money interest-free if you take the time to operate the methods. However, one of the simplest ways is to borrow it from a bank which offers "overdraft protection." You've seen these offers by banks which extend to you a loan for the amount you overdraw your checking account. By setting up two or more (and credit limits can go up to $5,000 each) you can write yourself a "loan" from one bank cover the loan with a deposit from another bank where you have overdraft checking, and then repeat the process every day or two covering each withdraw with another deposit, you will not be charged interest since it would take two or three days for the records to catch up--by the time, you've made another deposit which covered the original loan. Operated this way, you can keep the money interest-free for quite some time.

OWN YOUR OWN MILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION IN 4 WEEKS. Here again, it is helpful to form your corporation in Delaware. In this state the law allows you to assign any "par-value" to stock as you like--even though there are no assets to back your valuation. Thus, it is possible to assign a par value of $10,00 each to 100 shares of stock and list it in your book as "assets." It's strictly a paper poly but can be used in a number of situations to enhance your image among other prospective business partners. By appearing wealthy, you can swing many deals and make friends with people in higher positions of power. Try it.

GET NEW BUSINESS WHERE YOU VIRTUALLY CAN'T LOSE. The industry that produces more millionaires than any other is in SALES. There is one business where you can't virtually can't lose and it's MAILORDER. A firm called Rexon Inc.,676 Kingsley Ave.,Orange Park, FL.32073 has recently begun offering distributorships and opportunities for its fine line of products. They furnish a beginning supply of material to get you started and, at this writing, guarantee your success by offering TEN TIMES your money back on the beginner's sales kit. Although there is a nominal charge for the kit, they give enough free products to pay back that cost almost overnight. Thus, you can still get in on a profitable business for almost FREE.

HOW TO GET FREE TRAVEL. Still again, its is possible to appoint yourself as President of your non-profit organization and have the organization supply you with "free" vehicle with all expenses. If your organization is a church related corporation, you can tour Europe for free--to visit Church cathedrals as an example. A Church can raise money by "selling" charters, degrees, and other cheap paper for hundreds of dollars. Many non-profit organizations sell "degrees" and diplomas for upwards of $1500 each--and it's all legal.

HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR OWN AD SHEET. Usually ad sheets are started by the publisher cutting ads from other magazines and running his paste-ups with these "freebies". The beginner then mails his ad sheet to those dealers and asks them to re-run their ads with him a "X" number of dollars per column inch. This is a risky beginning because many dealers will not buy additional ad space for one reason or another. DOMAR ENTERPRISES, Box 581, Laurel, MD.20810 has a method for starting ad sheets that is almost 100% risk free. They will send you a full page of all-profit ads (ones that pay 100% commission) and you run these ads over your name in your first edition of your ad sheet. As paid ads come in, you simply replace the 100% ads with the paid ads. Until you get paid ads, you continue making money whether you get paid advertisers or not. Moreover, THIS SAME COMPANY will actually design your master ad FREE if you will run their 3 x 6 ad in your first edition. Thus, you can make money off their ads, and get a professionally designed ad sheet free.

HOW TO RAISE $200,00 IN 24 HOURS. Many people have had opportunities presented to them where a quick cash was necessary. Most people are unable to take advantage of the great opportunities because they lack the cash. A simple procedure is available whereby you can generate cash within 24 hours. The process is easy and quick and requires that your first make the preparation and lay the groundwork for the plan. You can call this plan the banking round robin. Go to ten banks and tell the loan officer at each bank you want to borrow $1000 for 30 days. Upon paying off your loans, wait 30 days and go back to each bank from which you borrowed the original $1000. This time request a larger amount depending on what you think the bank will loan, say $5000. If each bank approves a $5000 loan you will be able to raise $50,000 the second time. Continue this step-by-step process. Each time go to the bank, ask for larger amount and longer pay back period. What you are doing, of course, is establishing a millionaires credit rating by the process of reputation. That is, you always pay back the money when it is due, and by being prompt combined with the number of loans you've made and PAID, you will have established a very powerful credit rating and relationship with the institutions. In about one year after using this process, you should be able to borrow $20,000 from each bank on your signature. Using ten banks in this plan, you will be able to borrow up to $200,000 on your signature in as little as 24 hours.

WIPE OUT DEBTS WITHOUT BANKRUPTCY. In 1988 a federal law was passed known as the Wage Earner Plan. It is administered by the same branch of our courts that handles bankruptcy. You must be a wage earner to use this law--that is the primary requirement. The Wage Earner plan does not itself "wipe out" debts, but a little-known proviso of your filling requires your creditors to appear. Statistics indicate that 40% fail to appear in which case, those debts are indeed "wiped out". In some cases 100% of the creditors fail to appear which enables you to wipe out ALL your debts without bankruptcy. If some of the creditors do appear, then the court allows you to spread your payments out over a three year period in smaller amounts you can afford to pay. Once you file, you stop bill collectors, lawsuits, judgements, assignments, seized bank accounts, and other actions against you. An to top it all off, your credit rating is, in many cases, improved because you made a honest effort to work with the lending firms. Additionally, if the seller used deceptive trade practices to induce your purchase, your debt may be wiped out under the provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code. Under the Homestead Act, your residence can be exempted from levy to extent determined by local law. Check at your local courthouse.

ESTABLISH AAA CREDIT IN 30 DAYS. To work this plan you need at least $400 to begin. You should borrow this from your friends if necessary. Then go to the bank of your choice and deposit the $400 into a regular passbook savings account. It will take a few days for the account to be posted and return to the bank to ask for a $400 loan- you offer the passbook as collateral. Since the bank is already holding your $400, there is no way it can lose by lending you another 400 and they won't even make a credit check. Then with your borrowed $400, you go to another bank, open up an savings account, return a few days later, borrow $400 from that bank using your passbook account as collateral. Then repeat the process at a third bank with your borrowed $400 from the bank using your passbook account as collateral. Wait a few days and go to a fourth bank where you open this time a CHECKING account. Wait a few days and make a payment on each of the other three loans. A week later, make payments again on the three loans, and continue paying each week until you have almost paid off the balance. A credit invitation at this point will show you with three active bank loans (which are considered hard to get), a checking account, and paying history for the three bank loans--with you having paid up in advance. Thus, you have a AAA credit in a little as 30 days. From here you go on to apply for credit cards, and other items on credit.

GET ANY CREDIT CARD YOU WANT. You should have no problem getting any credit card you want if you follow the above procedure first. But, there are a few rules to follow to insure you have no difficulties in obtaining your cards: 1) Apply for department store cards first. Purchase something and pay the balance when due; 2) apply for a gasoline credit cards listing your department store cards as references; 3) Apply for bank cards--Master Charge and Visa; 4) Apply for Travel and Entertainment cards--American Express, Diners Club, etc.

HOW TO BUY HOMES AND LAND FOR A FEW DOLLARS. Yes, you can buy homes, apartments and land for next to nothing by using the procedure of bidding at "tax delinquency and lien sales." These are made to recover unpaid taxes on property which is auctioned off 3 to 4 times each year. Check your local tax assessor for dates. In the past people have picked up $50,000 homes for as little as $2,000 and apartments and land for similar discounts.

HOW TO STOP PAYING PROPERTY TAXES ON YOUR HOME. The way to do this is to sign over the title of your home to your non-profit organization. You can form your own church or organization and apply for tax-exempt status at your county courthouse. Or, you can sign over the title of your home to your local church or other non-profit organization if you do not will it to go to your heirs. Under this arrangement, you retain lifetime habitation rights although the property belongs to the local non-profit organization.

HOW TO GET YOUR 3X6 CIRCULARS TYPESET FREE. The plan is so simple you'll wonder why you never thought of it yourself. But once you give it a try, you will thank us a thousand times for revealing it to you. There are literally hundreds of mail order publications that will print your add by the "letterpress" method. This means they actually set it up in type. This is the only method that an ad or circular can be done properly and with good taste (commercial art excepted, of course). First, pick out a good publication and determine the words per inch policy. If your offer has nay merit at all, your ad in either MAIL SALE ADVERTISER OR MAIL ORDER DISCOUNTER will sell for many times over the price of the ad. This means your ad is run free. And, after your ad is published in the magazine, you merely clip it out, mail it to your printer, and presto--you have your ad or 3 x 6 circular typeset FREE-- plus you have made a good profit.


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